• 2002

    • December 11: Wayback Machine crawls the NUS shuttle bus webpage for the first time. My archives begin here.
  • 2003

  • 2005

  • 2006

    • July 24: Service BTC1 introduced
    • August: Supplementary service promoted to Service D
    • December: Service HMK1 withdrawn
    • December 6: HSSML bus stop removed
  • 2007

    • January: Service BTC1 shortened to skip CP13 and most of return leg
  • 2009

    • January: Service BTC1 rerouted to stop at College Green; Law Link renamed Computing Drive
  • 2010

    • February 28: Kent Vale carpark closes
    • July: Service B, C and BTC1 amended to layover at Kent Ridge Terminal
    • August: Registration of Scania K230UB buses begins
  • 2011

    • August: Service D split into D1 and D2, extended to serve UTown
    • October 10: Express A1 and Express A2 introduced, no layover at PGP
    • November 8: NUS Shuttle Bus Information System introduced
  • 2012

    • January 9: First double-deck bus deployed on Service 96
    • April 16: Service BTC2 amended to stop at Botanic Gardens MRT
    • August 13: KR MRT–UT Service introduced; NUS NextBus App launched
  • 2013

    • January 14: KR MRT–UT Service modified to stop at Museum; KR MRT–CLB Service introduced
    • July 22: Service D1 and D2 rerouted into different, separate routes
    • August 5: Express A1 and Express A2 replaced by A1E and A2E
    • August 12: UT-CLB Direct and UT-FoS Direct introduced; OED bus stop renamed to Museum
    • ~November: NUS ISB responsibilities transferred from OED to OCA
  • 2014

    • September 29: Service D2 extended to serve Carpark 11 as trial measure; Service A2E (AM) introduced
    • November 3: Service D2 officially extended to serve Carpark 11; Service A2E (PM) rerouted to match A2E (AM)
  • 2015

    • January 5: E3A bus stop removed from network
    • July 16: Registration of Volvo B9L buses begins
    • August 1: Service D1 amended to stop at UTown before Museum; Temasek Hall and Eusoff Hall bus stop removed from network; Service B and C extended to Kent Ridge Terminal
  • 2016

    • March 7: UT-CLB Direct rerouted to stop at EA and CCE; Service D1 amended to stop at Museum before UTown
    • June 27: The Japanese School removed from Service B and C; Kent Vale added to Service C (0715-1000) and BTC1 (full day); Service BTC1/BTC2 extended to Kent Ridge Terminal
    • July 10: CLB bus stop relocated towards AS8
    • August 1: A1E operating hours extended and amended to stop at Opp UHC; A2E (AM) discontinued; UT-CLB Direct amended to skip EA and renamed as UT-CCE
  • 2017

    • January 9: UT-CCE discontinued; Service B split into B1 and B2; Service C post-10am amended to ply CCE and Opp YIH
    • June 1: Computer Centre (CCE) renamed NUS IT
  • 2018

    • August 13: Service C amended to ply UTown in both directions; UT-FoS withdrawn
    • ~October: GreenRoad telematics system introduced
  • 2019

    • January 7: Service BTC2 amended to stop at Botanic Gardens MRT Pick-up/Drop-off Point instead of bus stop
    • March 18: Launch of Simon W. Alan’s ISB Map
    • March 25: Latest generation of NUS NextBus app launched
    • May 13: D2 amended to begin at Opp TCOMS and end at TCOMS with closure of CP11 bus stop
    • July 30: Service AV1 introduced
  • 2020

  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

    • February 13: Mask-wearing no longer required on board ISBs
    • February 24: PGPR bus stop renamed to PGP Foyer

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