From 6 December, NUS Internal Shuttle Bus (ISB) routes will be restored to pre-COVID routes.

On 31 October 2020, NUS announced its decision to lift the campus zoning policy, based on campus traffic data and the views of student leaders. The campus had previously been divided into self-sufficient zones to segregate students as a measure to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and ISB routes were modified accordingly with the existing set of routes suspended and a new zoned set put in place.

The lifting of zoning measures will take effect from 6 December 2020, the Sunday at the beginning of the winter vacation. As such, from 6 December, the ISB routes will be reverted to the routes in place before zoning started. This set of routes will include the following:

  • A1 – Links all faculties in the Kent Ridge Campus (without UTown), anticlockwise
  • A2 – Links all faculties in the Kent Ridge Campus (without UTown), clockwise
  • B1 – Connects Kent Ridge Terminal, IT, UTown, Central Library and Business; does not run during vacations
  • B2 – Connects Business, IT, UTown, EA and Kent Ridge Terminal
  • C – Connects Kent Ridge Terminal, EA, UTown and Science
  • D1 – Connects UTown with the former Zone C (FASS, SoC and Business)
  • D2 – Connects UTown with the former Zone B, Kent Ridge MRT and PGP
  • BTC1 – Connects Kent Ridge Campus (without UTown) to Law
  • BTC2 – Connects Law to Museum, EA and Kent Ridge Terminal

These routes are accessible to all students regardless of their zone, and the route letters have nothing to do with the zones served – freshies, please take note. Bus drivers will continue to check for identification (visitors are still not allowed on board the ISB), but likely not with the uNivUS app as there is no need for zone checks.

The network (which is the same as the pre-zoning network) can be visualised with the route map below.

The most current ISB network map at any time can be found at this page.

The updated routes will also be added shortly to the ISB Routes sticker pack on Telegram.

For more official information, refer to the OCA website.

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