A set of frequently asked questions about ISBs or this blog. For more on myself, see About Me.

FAQs about the blog

Is this blog official?

This is my personal blog that I have maintained since I was a student in 2018. While I currently work at NUS, this blog does not represent or constitute official communication from NUS. Please only refer to NUS Campus Services for official information.

Can I use content from this blog?

My photos are uploaded to Flickr with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license. As such, please credit me as either Ryan Ch’ng or The ISB Man if you would like to use my photos.

Why do you like buses? Do you like trains as well?

I don’t know. I’ve just always liked them since I was young. For trains, I do know a thing or two about them but I don’t quite have the passion for them as much as I do for buses.

How much do you like buses?

Enough to take photos of them, research the different transmission types and come up with favourites, and enjoy rides on them.

Not enough to actually pay for joyrides on them (sorry, tour organisers!), or to do foolish things that endanger lives and careers for the sake of pursuing a hobby.

Whose idea was this blog?

The idea was suggested by a few people simultaneously, but the person who persuaded me to go make this a thing was my Year 1 Residential Assistant, Marcus. Offering their support immediately after were my friends Xurui, Xuan Jin and Charlton.

Other people who have supported this blog include my senior Sook Wei and USP/FASS Prof Loy Hui-chieh. Also, a shoutout to the NUSSU 40th EXCO for their constant support and encouragement.

Do you have a particular inspiration?

Yes, actually. The format of this blog ended up being subconsciously based off the excellent Checkerboard Hill blog about Hong Kong transport by Marcus Wong. Although I am much more long-winded than he is.

For content, one of my inspirations is the Land Transport Guru website, which is unofficial and run by a team of transport fans. They also have a series of articles on the ISB routes, which present comprehensive information on the services as they are today.

In terms of coverage, I also owe a great deal of inspiration to (buses[IN]gapore!), from whom I have learned a great deal about telling stories through photographs.

How do you have time to do all this?

I don’t. Many of my posts are actually written over winter or summer breaks. They’re just coming up now.

Being somewhat a bus fan, I’ve researched the ISB system for a while already even before I came to NUS, which is where my knowledge comes from even though I only matriculated in 2018.

Are you single?


FAQs on the ISB Network

How old is the ISB system?

I don’t know for sure, but historical records do mention the buses existing as early as 1982 (NUS moved to Kent Ridge Campus in 1981).

My records of the ISB system go as far back as 2002, which was the year ComfortDelGro Bus was formed as Comfortbus. Prior to 2002, the service was operated by Chin Lin Bus.

How long do our bus uncles usually serve?

Most of the drivers I know of have been around between two to four years, but many have been around longer. The longest-serving local bus driver I know was here around from 1984 to 2020, and the oldest Chinese drivers have been here since about 2007.

Why are our drivers so grumpy?

If you had to drive in circles all day, you’d probably feel pretty sian. Also, when they shout at you to not block the left mirror, it’s definitely urgent, and they don’t have a second to spare to see what they have to see.

Do our bus uncles ever smile?

Yes. I’ve seen them smile, and it’s really heartwarming.