To improve commuting on campus, the Office of Campus Amenities will be embarking on a series of route amendments for the ISB network. These amendments take effect from Monday, 19 July 2021.

The changes implemented in this network review were initially designed by a mobility consultant using a genetic algorithm. Data from multiple data sources including timetabling data was used to design the algorithm. At the same time, feedback was sought from stakeholders such as student groups and staff in various faculties and residences, to continuously refine and improve the services devised. The process began in 2019, and continued through the pandemic.

The new ISB network brings additional connectivity to more efficiently move people around campus with fewer transfers. In particular, Business School is now directly connected to and from Kent Ridge MRT by a shorter path, UTown is now connected with Bukit Timah Campus, and SDE is now connected to the rest of the ISB network.

The network is a work in progress; OCA and the mobility consultant will continuously review the services and conduct a post-implementation review to assess the effectiveness of the network changes.

Service Amendments

Services A1 and A2

Service A1 and A2 have been amended, and will now start and end at Kent Ridge Bus Terminal (which is not Kent Ridge MRT). They continue to circumnavigate the Kent Ridge Campus, but they no longer break their trips at PGP.

This provides commuters with a faster path between FoS/Kent Ridge MRT and BIZ/SoC. Eagle-eyed readers will also spot that LT 13 and IT are now the second stops of A1 and A2 respectively, enabling the services to quickly clear the crowds at those areas towards Kent Ridge MRT.

The services no longer connect between LT 13/Ventus and CLB/IT, but this link is still provided by Service D1.

Services D1 and D2

Service D1 will be unchanged on 19 July, but when COM 3 opens, it will be amended to skip COM 2 and start/end at COM 3 to serve SoC students.

Service D2 will be amended, as it will start at PGP and end at PGPR. The role of connecting TCOMS to Kent Ridge MRT is accomplished by Services A1/A2 as they do not lay over at PGP.

Service BTC

Service BTC has undergone a significant amendment. It now starts and ends at Oei Tiong Ham Building (Bukit Timah Campus) and loops within the Kent Ridge Campus, so passengers need not transfer to other routes. It also gives Kent Ridge MRT, FoS and UTown new connectivity to Bukit Timah Campus, as it calls at these areas on its way to Kent Vale.

I am personally quite happy that Service BTC is now calling at UTown, ten years since UTown was opened.

New Services

Service E

Service E has been introduced to provide coverage between UTown, EA and SDE, running during the school term at 15-minute frequencies during certain peak periods. It provides connectivity from UTown and Kent Vale to EA and SDE 3, then continuing on to IT and Opp YIH to bring passengers back to UTown.

With the introduction of this service and Service K, SDE is now connected to the ISB network.

Service K

Service K has been introduced to provide coverage between Kent Ridge MRT, SDE and Kent Vale, running at 40-minute frequencies throughout the day. It runs from PGP past Kent Ridge MRT to CLB, then turning to Opp SDE 3, Kent Vale and Museum before heading back to PGPR.

With the introduction of this service and Service E, SDE is now connected to the ISB network.

Service L

Service L has been introduced to supplement Service BTC by shuttling passengers between Botanic Gardens MRT station and Oei Tiong Ham Building during evening peak hours.

For more details, refer to the respective articles for each service.

Withdrawn Services

As a result of the network changes, Service A1E, A2E, B1, B2 and C will no longer operate. Service A1E and A2E no longer serve their original purpose with the amendments to A1 and A2, while the connectivity from the B and C services has been incorporated into the routes of E and K.

Having been a part of the consultation process and helping out behind the scenes, I hope that these amendments will benefit the NUS community.

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