As part of the New ISB Network, a new route, Service K, was introduced to provide Kent Ridge MRT with direct connections to Central Library, SDE, EA and Kent Vale. It ran as a full-day service from Monday to Saturday at 40-minute intervals between PGP and Kent Vale.

Service K was announced on 14 June 2021, alongside the rest of the New ISB Network which was planned to begin on 19 July.

The route’s path of travel was extremely similar to Service AA1 during the zoning period, except it stopped at more stops and did not serve UTown. The sector around Engineering is unidirectional, as the route links CLB, SDE, Engineering, Kent Vale and Museum in that sequence.

The introduction of Service K saw a new bus stop added to the network – Opp SDE 3, aka Tentera Diraja Mque (16141), which served the School of Design and Environment. Its counterpart across the road, SDE 3, was served by the new Service E.

A new sixth-generation route map was introduced for the service, featuring the route overlaid on a black-and-white map of the Kent Ridge Campus. Service K was coloured blue on system maps, in a likely callback to the withdrawn Service C which it indirectly replaced. In some way, K can trace its lineage to Service C as it takes over certain key connectivity, such as from FoS to EA and Kent Vale to Science, from C.

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