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Hey there! I’m Ryan Ch’ng — bus enthusiast, writer, photographer, aspiring data analyst and student leader. I’m from Singapore; I studied in NUS, where during the term I lived in Cinnamon College, home of the University Scholars Programme. My year of matriculation was AY18/19.


In AY2018/2019, my job as a Deputy Welfare Secretary in the NUS Students’ Union 40th EXCO required me to be the voice of the students for Internal Shuttle Bus (ISB) issues. I was and still am working a lot on that in many other capacities, but this blog is set up and run in my personal capacity.

I like writing to inform. My previous writing experience is at The Victorian Press, where I served from 2016 to 2017 as Chief Editor, and at The Cinnamon Roll where I was and still am a writer.

What do I write about here? As the name suggests, NUS internal shuttle buses, with a particular focus on explaining why things are, should or should not be the way they are. Occasionally, I’ll cover other aspects of bus transport, or transport in NUS.


All photos used on this site are my own unless otherwise specified, credited and linked. For more about me and what I envision this blog to be, read my post where I introduce myself and the blog in full.

Comments or questions are always welcomed, but email (my successors) for NUSSU feedback or (NUS Campus Services) for NUS official attention. You can also hit me up any time on Telegram at @theISBman for a chat on buses, or other things.

Unlike many other blogs, I don’t have a schedule for posting, but if you want to be notified when I do, please like my Facebook page The ISB Man or join my Telegram channel.

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