Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation in Singapore, OCA will be rolling out physical distancing measures and reduced frequencies for ISB services during the period of the circuit breaker measures, from 13 April 2020 until further notice 20 July 2020, whereupon the routes were replaced by zoned routes.

All non-essential workplaces are closed, with workers working from home. Classes at NUS are also suspended and shifted to e-learning. As such, ISB ridership has fallen significantly.

From 13 April, OCA will be implementing the following measures for NUS internal shuttle buses:

  • Capacity of each bus is limited to 16 passengers at any time.
  • Boarding and alighting are separated; boarding is to be done at the front door and alighting at the rear door.
  • Observe distancing guidelines by only occupying marked spots* in the buses and at bus stops.
  • Only commuters with proper identification are allowed to board buses. This includes student or staff cards as well as identity cards for contractors working at NUS.
  • Commuters are strongly encouraged to wear a mask when riding the buses.
  • The bus captain reserves all right to reject passengers after the bus is full or if the passenger appears unwell.

The ISB schedules will also be adjusted, with a summary as follows:


A1, A2, D1 and D2 will operate at reduced frequency. Note that ISB A1, A2, D1 and D2 operate at 30-minute intervals on Sundays and PH. There is no change to that.

C will only operate from Monday to Saturday.

The BTC service will run at one-hour intervals departing Kent Ridge Terminal at thirty minutes past the hour.

B1 and B2 will be suspended altogether. A1E and A2E are not mentioned in the OCA circulars, but I believe they will similarly not be running as there will not be a need for such services.

Service AV1, aka the NUSmart Shuttle, has been suspended since 7 April 2020.

This information is subject to change. Updates will be provided through the NUS NextBus App; please download that if you haven’t!

Update: Following the NUS Zoning policy, bus routes were re-organised for AY20/21 Semester 1.

Appendix: Pictures of social distancing measures

Examples (early design and late design) of a sticker used to mark out seats in the bus that are not to be occupied.

SG United sticker

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