As the COM 3 building is now completed, ISB Service D1 was amended to start and end at COM 3, and no longer stop at COM 2. The new route started 25 July 2022, one week before the semester began; the COM 3 bus stop opened on the same day.

The amendment to Service D1 was previously announced in mid-2021 alongside the rest of the New ISB Network, but was slated to only take effect when COM 3 was complete.

The new route removed one of the most pesky things when it came to ISB – the double stop at COM 2. Previously, Service D1 stopped at COM 2 twice in a single trip, which meant that the EDS needed to tell passengers whether the bus was headed to UTown or to BIZ 2. Thus, it could not display the full route, only a destination.

With the new amendment, D1’s EDS was able to adopt the usual formatting – finally, all ISB routes have a unified EDS format. If there is ever an issue with the EDS on a D1 bus, displaying “D1” will suffice – no more need to resort to hacks.

The new route was generally well-received by drivers as the double detour into COM 2 used to incur significant delays. A few passengers were observed wandering around the COM 3 bus stop area after alighting as they were unsure of where to go, but the directional signage put up ensured that they found their way.

As a result of this amendment, the COM 2 bus stop is now served by only A1 and A2.

To see the entire history of ISB D1 (and D2), check out this post.

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