NUS Internal Shuttle Bus Network Map (From 25 July 2022)

The following is an official map from Campus Services, of the NUS Internal Shuttle Bus system from 25 July 2022.

For more information about the New ISB Network from 19 July 2021 onwards, please refer to the OCA website.

Please link to the URL of this page and not the image, as the map is often updated to reflect route amendments.

Click here for a history of NUS shuttle bus maps.

Click here for a similar student-designed NTU shuttle bus map.

7 thoughts on “NUS Shuttle Bus Map

  1. Hello Ryan, I am from Engin Club and we hope to share your map with the Engineering Student Population as well as for the Freshmen Resources. We will credit and acknowledge you in all the materials we publicise on, of course.


  2. Hi Ryan! Thanks so much for doing this up, would it be okAy if I share this image with the NUS student residents of Residential College 4 for the convenience of the community and the freshmen in our freshmen guide?


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