Take note: with the New ISB Network implemented from 19 July 2021, route information in this article is likely to be outdated.

There will be a route amendment for Service D2 starting from 13 May, after the semester ends.

What exactly is the change for service D2?

From 13 May onwards, service D2 will no longer end its route at Carpark 11. (It continues to do its layover there.)

Instead, the last stop on the service will be TCOMS. It will also start at Opp TCOMS instead of PGP.

Where is TCOMS?

They are located in between BIZ2 and PGP (closer to BIZ2), on the south side of the road. The Opp TCOMS and TCOMS bus stops were formerly known as Opp House 12 and House 12.

I’ll do you one better. Who is TCOMS?

TCOMS stands for Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine Singapore. It is a joint venture between NUS and A*STAR, set up “to spur research excellence and advance Singapore’s Marine & Offshore Engineering industry”.

I’ll do you one better. Why TCOMS?

The stopping point needs to be changed because part of Carpark 11 (the portion containing the stopping point) has to be closed. This is to facilitate the construction of the upcoming COM3, which is a new building for SoC that will link COM1 and COM2 to i4. In the meantime, the bus parking area will have to be shifted deep into Research Link.

COM3 will also contain the revamped Terrace canteen. The works are expected to finish by end 2020.

Why is this change significant?

Previously, in order to travel clockwise around the south of NUS, you would have to do some walking – either from PGPR to PGP (A2), or from Carpark 11 to Business/Computing (D2).

Now, you can make a transfer at TCOMS which allows you to change buses, under a shelter, without walking anywhere. The entire ISB network is now accessible from Opp Kent Ridge MRT without walking. Commuters may now use this less crowded route to reach Business, Computing, Temasek Hall/Eusoff Hall, SDE and FASS.

How do I go to Business from Kent Ridge MRT?

Previously, D2 offered a direct connection between Opp Kent Ridge MRT and Carpark 11, which was within walking distance of BIZ2.

Now, students will alight D2 at TCOMS and wait for an A2 bus to either BIZ2 or COM2.

How do I go to Computing from Kent Ridge MRT?

Previously, you may have taken the D2 to Carpark 11 and walked up the flight of stairs. Now, you can alight at TCOMS and catch the A2 to COM2.

How do I go to Temasek and Eusoff Halls from Kent Ridge MRT?

Take the D2 from Opp Kent Ridge MRT, and change to A2 at TCOMS. You can then alight the A2 at Opp NUSS (for Temasek Hall) or Ventus (for Eusoff Hall).

How can I go to FASS or SDE from Kent Ridge MRT?

If you are worried about crowds on A1, don’t worry. You’re not alone. The good news is that with this route amendment, a new option is available.

From Opp Kent Ridge MRT, take D2 to the end at TCOMS and change for an A2, to LT13.

I will have to change buses. Won’t it take longer?

NUSSU and OCA have worked to mitigate the impact of the transfer. Previously, we put in place staggered scheduling for A1 and D2 buses (heading towards Kent Ridge MRT), which will continue. But for TCOMS > Biz, there is only A2 possible.

I have requested to the relevant authorities to minimise the instances of missed buses, by that when a D2 driver meets an A2 driver starting his trip at PGP, the A2 will yield to the D2.

This ensures that if two buses meet, the D2 will always reach TCOMS first, with the A2 right behind it.

Will D2 still pick up passengers at PGP?

Absolutely. It will just stop at Opp TCOMS to pick up some people there first, and the crowding levels should not be affected.

Will the staggered scheduling of A1 and D2 at PGP be affected?

No, the benefits of staggered arrivals will continue. Even before this amendment, since D2 has layovers at Carpark 11, the departure times that were enforced referred to departing of Carpark 11 (while A1 literally departs from PGP).

So with a one-minute tweak to accommodate the new first stop, there will be no issues.

For further enquiries, contact OCA at ocaenquiry@nus.edu.sg or 6516 1717.

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