Recently, I discovered this cool NTU Campus schematic bus map on the r/NTU subreddit. It was created by u/kayjaylaw, and looks incredibly useful. Having helped many students with my ISB system map, I’m glad that NTU now has one too!

The OP u/kayjaylaw is a freshman in NTU’s School of Humanities, and he started working on his NTU campus shuttle bus map in end-June. Like the maps I created, he aimed to combine all the different bus routes into a single map.

He published an early version on Reddit a week before school started in order to help fellow students find their way around NTU. Since then, he has been collecting feedback from freshmen and seniors alike and revising the map. The latest revision was done on January 11, 2021.

In September, OP apparently stumbled upon my website and was inspired by the work of Simon W. Alan (ISB Map version 3) in revising his map. The sharp 90-degree bends in his previous drafts were changed to curves that flowed around the roundabouts, and the arrows placed on the lines. He also added a legend that was inspired by Simon’s. Amazingly, his map was done entirely on Microsoft PowerPoint! My Version 2 map (used for the zoned bus routes) is also done on PowerPoint but lacks the aesthetics of his curves.

I discovered his map in end-October 2020 and was extremely honoured to have inspired part of his design, even though I must stress that the concept of this map was his own original idea. I reached out to him on Reddit to seek permission to publish his map here. Hopefully, it will help those of you who are at NTU!

Currently, the NTU bus map features all the different NTU campus bus routes as well as public buses 179 and 199 which ply the NTU campus, and includes a few landmarks around NTU. There is also an alternate version available with walking directions and a dark mode option as well. Nevertheless, it is still a work in progress and OP intends to further revise it as he goes along to include more details. NTU students, please check out his work at his Reddit profile.

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