The BYD C9 electric bus on trial in campus, PC8313P, has recently had electronic destination signage (EDS) and interior passenger information system (PIS) installed. This allows it to provide more information to passengers.

OCA has clarified that it does not intend to use electric coaches to replace the ISBs, and so this bus is unlikely to become a permanent part of the fleet. This installation, then, was likely to improve the clarity of the electric coach’s signage so that passengers understand that the bus is operating on ISB routes.

Previously at launch, it used analogue laminated paper signage that was colour-coded by route, which only showed the service letter/number. There was no in-bus announcement system.

As of 21 September 2021, a Shenzhen KABYM EDS has been installed in the bus at the front, side and rear. This EDS is of the same specifications as the EDS in the Volvo B9Ls, and uses the same dataset and controller. The front EDS is mounted in the windscreen, while the side EDS is high up in the top of the first window.

The rear EDS is mounted to the left side of the rear.

The controller, a KABYM AL-K80, is mounted on the dashboard, where the signage asking passengers to produce valid ID was previously mounted. A new location will have to be found for the signage.

An interior LED panel for next-stop announcements is also installed in the bus as a PIS, above the Bus Stopping indicator. It displays the same “next stop” and “arriving” information as in the ISBs.

The next-stop announcements themselves are the same ones used on the Volvo B9Ls, but piped through the BYD C9’s own speaker system. They sound much clearer; I’m not sure if it’s because the speakers are newer or because the bus is quiet.

Hopefully, with the EDS and interior passenger information system, the electric bus’ specifications will be more in line with the ISB fleet. This enables it to better serve passengers deciding whether to board the bus and inform passengers of the stops on the route like a regular ISB.

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