A distinctive feature of the new electric Zhongtong N12 ISBs was their colour EDS, which introduced the concept of a route background colour as opposed to having monochromatic text on an unlit black background.

As of 17 October, these colour displays have come into full usefulness as they display a new format. Instead of a red background, the background of the route is now colour-coded according to a standard set of colours. In addition, the route number is now shown on the nearside instead of the offside, in line with the older ISBs’ displays.

The set of colours used in the colour EDS has also been spotted in other places, such as the NUS NextBus app and analogue signage placed in ISBs. The earliest use of this colour set was observed in the ISB Network Map released when the New ISB Network was rolled out in 2021.

PD496S and PD622U, deployed to Service BTC, were spotted with an orange background on the EDS.

The orange colour of BTC ultimately derives from historical Service BTC signage.

PD728Z, on D1, was spotted with a pink background on the EDS.

This colour is derived from the pairing of D1 and D2 on the ISB map where D1 is lilac pink and D2 is dark purple. Ultimately, this derives from the light purple background on historical Service D2 signage.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the routes in colour as more electric buses come in! (Although A2 is probably going to have to use black text if the yellow colour is to be followed…)

November Update: Following some redeployments, PD728Z took the place of PD496S on Service BTC, while PD496S went over to Services A1/A2.

On Service A1, the service background is red, just like in all A1 signage since the 2000s.

On Service A2, the service background is yellow, and the text is indeed black.

In late November, 3-door BYD B12s joined the fleet. These were fitted with similar specifications as the Zhongtongs, including colour-coded EDS as well, and deployed to services A1 and A2.

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