The NUS Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) manages relations with alumni who have graduated from the University, and works closely with faculties, schools, halls, departments and related organisations. Its key purpose is to help graduates “stay connected to your alma mater and to the University.”

OAR is located at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House, and is not to be confused with NUSS, who occupy the Kent Ridge Guild House next door. Both buildings are part of the Alumni Complex.

In mid-March 2022, OAR took out a white-based advertisement wrap on PC3738E, which runs on Services D2 and K. Later that month, the same wrap was applied to PC3763G, which runs on Services D1 and E. This advertisement promoted OAR’s activities with the tagline “Start Your Alumni Journey Here”, a URL for, and QR codes for their app AlumApp.

From far, the bus could easily be mistaken for one of the five Admissions campaign buses, but on the front it can be distinguished via the OAR logo that it carries instead of the simple NUS logo.

The offside of the bus features a graphic of LiNUS, the NUS mascot, and a stylised phone screen. “Networking” and “Lifelong Learning” are enclosed in thought bubbles.

The nearside does not feature the phone screen graphic, with LiNUS popping out behind the bus’ rear door instead. Unfortunately, perhaps due to heavy rain shortly after the bus was wrapped, the URL on the window of PC3738E appeared to have partially fallen off.

PC3763G, wrapped a while later, did not suffer this problem and the URL was intact.

The rear of the bus has the same design elements, but curiously the bumper area is wrapped orange with the URL and the bottom of LiNUS on it. The effect is very similar to some SMRT buses, which have the rear bumper wrapped in SMRT livery colours – even if the bus is not in fact in SMRT livery.

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