It’s that time of the year again – the five white NUS Admissions Campaign ISBs are due for a rewrap. Every year, five buses feature a set of NUS alumni and students highlighted by Office of Admissions (OAM). Again, this was done in tandem with the Open Day season.

The #NUSBeyond branding, it appears, is well and truly out of use. The common tagline across the ads (and in OAM’s website) is “Shape Your Future“, which differs from the 2021 tagline “Shaping The Future”.

New to this year’s ads is the use of a completely different tagline and photo on both sides of the bus, mirroring the Admissions website’s dual designs. Previously, the photo might be different, but the tagline would be the same. Also, the rear of the buses now has “#SHAPEYOURFUTURE” in orange on the engine cover.

On the offside, the feature takes up the central third of the bus; on the nearside, it takes up the rear third of the bus, while there is a QR code linking to the person’s feature page.

Interestingly, the first two buses to be rewrapped (PC3769R and PC3906L) had the black area containing the wipers wrapped over in white as well. This is contrary to the usual practice of leaving it unwrapped, which was carried on for the other three.


2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future with breakthrough discoveries, featuring Muhammad Nadjad Abdul Rahim, a research director at Cellbae Pte Ltd from FoS and USP.

2022 advertisement: Shaping Young Minds/Inspiring through Design, featuring Albert Liang, founder of BEEP Lab, from SDE (now CDE).


2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future through business consulting, featuring Cheri Tng, an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company, from Business.

2022 advertisement: A Winning Formula/The Science Skater, featuring Jeannie Su, a Year 3 student from Science.


2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future by inspiring others, featuring Himani Dharshini Vetrivelan, a Year 3 student from FASS and president of NUS Indian Dance.

2022 advertisement: Two Ends of the Spectrum/Fusing the Arts and Sciences, featuring Leow Shuen Ling, a Year 1 student from CHS and USP/NUS College.


2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future for next-generation lawyers, featuring Lin Shumin, a director at Drew & Napier from Law.

2022 advertisement: Serving Justice/Nurturing Future Lawyers, featuring Faraaz Amzar, Deputy Registrar and Tribunal Magistrate at State Courts of Singapore from Law.


2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future of small businesses, featuring Kenny Chen, founder of Market Boy and co-founder of Phoray UVC from Engineering.

2022 advertisement: Exploring New Frontiers/Building The Future, featuring Teo Wei Ywin, a Graduate Engineer at AECOM from Engineering (now CDE).

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These five buses merely highlight a few of our illustrious students. To find out more about other graduates and undergraduates, you may check out this website.

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