In late February 2022, PC3957P was wrapped with an advertisement for NUSS. NUSS stands for NUS Society, and is a premier graduate club.

NUSS advertisements are not new: in the past, at least PC3925G has carried a gold-based NUSS advertisement, as photographed by Jimmy Sheng.

The latest advertisement as seen on PC3957P is white-based, and spans the entire sides of the bus. The logo of NUSS: The Graduate Club is displayed prominently on all four sides, with “NUSS Membership for NUS Students” above the windows.

The nearside advertisement highlights the pricing of $45 per month for a Junior Category B membership, and displays a photo of six smiling students. A QR code is provided, linking to (NUSS junior membership).

The offside advertisement similarly displays the price and the QR code, but also features the four perks: recreational facilities, dining hangouts, a fitness centre, and professional events.

The rear of PC3957P features only the NUSS logo, and the links to NUSS’s socials.

On the whole, this is yet another nice advertisement to break the monotony – it’s been a while since PC3957P had any ad. I don’t yet know if any other bus will get this advertisement.

The white stripe taking up the top of the windows lowers the windowline, making the bus look an awful lot like the former open-top B7Rs at Sentosa.

All that said, I do wonder why advertisements are being stuck on Volvo B9Ls, given that a new fleet of electric buses will be introduced from August 2022. It is a progressive replacement; perhaps PC3957P will be one of the last to go.

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