With the coming of March, the five white NUS Admissions Campaign ISBs have had their advertisement wraps replaced once again. Unlike previous years, there was no single Open Day event planned, but the wraps were still replaced in line with the new set of NUS alumni and students featured by Office of Admissions (OAM).

Notably, in 2021’s design, the #NUSBeyond branding on the bus advertisements which has been present since at least 2016 is no longer in use. Instead, the common tagline across the ads (and in OAM’s website) is “Shaping The Future“. Unlike previous years, the same photo is used on both sides of the bus (with the exception of PA33K). The colour orange is no longer prominent on the bus wraps, as the name and details about the person featured are on a blue rectangle like the 2018 design.

Otherwise, the buses have stuck to the same general appearance: a white base wrap and a photo feature of the noteworthy person, taking up about half the bus.


2020 advertisement: The Art & Science of Entrepreneurship, featuring Lim Qing Ru, co-founder of Zopim (now Zendesk Chat) from FASS.

2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future with breakthrough discoveries, featuring Muhammad Nadjad Abdul Rahim, a research director at Cellbae Pte Ltd from FoS and USP.


2020 advertisement: Passion in the Science of Conservation, featuring Dr Andie Ang, a primatologist from FoS.

2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future through business consulting, featuring Cheri Tng, an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company, from Business.


2020 advertisement: Tomorrow’s Business Today, featuring Ritchie Ng, Chief AI Officer at Ensemble Capital, from Business.

2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future by inspiring others, featuring Himani Dharshini Vetrivelan, a Year 3 student from FASS and president of NUS Indian Dance.


2020 advertisement: Defending the Principles of Law, featuring Adam Maniam, a litigator at Drew & Napier from Law.

2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future for next-generation lawyers, featuring Lin Shumin, a director at Drew & Napier from Law.


2020 advertisement: Engineering Our Future Landscape, featuring Kwa Chin Soon, seconded from BCA as a Senior Assistant Director to the Ministry of National Development, from Engineering and USP.

2021 advertisement: Shaping the Future of small businesses, featuring Kenny Chen, founder of Market Boy and co-founder of Phoray UVC from Engineering.

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These five buses merely highlight a few of our illustrious students. To find out more about other graduates and undergraduates, you may check out this website.

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