Since October 2019, ComfortDelGro Scania K230UB buses have been used to supplement Sentosa internal bus routes. They run on Bus A, Bus B and Bus C, which traverse the island and are free to board.

As of December 2019, these fully orange buses continue to be used, with some new fleet additions. Two buses, still in the original NUS blue and orange paintjob (but without NUS logos), have been spotted in Sentosa: PA9442D (formerly Science Park Shuttle) and PA9799A (formerly Ikea shuttle).

PA9442D was photographed on Bus A. It is one of two buses retaining its NUS colours as well as the Free Wi-Fi stickers above the doors which it carried since NUS days, even though the Wi-Fi equipment has been removed.

Its front and side EDS are blank, like its siblings in Sentosa, but the rear EDS still displays A1! Thankfully, the bus is deployed to Bus A, so there is very little chance of confusion. Just a slice of NUS in the RWS basement.

PA9799A was also spotted in its NUS colours, but was heading out for a refuel when I arrived and did not return in time for me to catch it.

Also, PA9708M has finally been installed with an announcement system which uses speakers in the bus to announce details about the coming bus stops. They are activated by buttons on a console next to the driver, which play pre-recorded announcements supplied by Sentosa. When the Scanias first entered service in Sentosa, there was no announcement system and the bus drivers had to verbally announce stops.

Finally, PA9869G was spotted around Singapore with the blue JTC wrap removed, and is now running on Science Park routes in blue-and-orange, but with large white patches, where it appears the orange paint has been scratched off during wrap removal. It was believed to be destined for Sentosa alongside PA9786L.

However, in mid-2020, it was revealed that PA9869G was in fact repainted in ComfortDelGro livery while PA9786L did indeed go to Sentosa.

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