Take note: with the New ISB Network implemented from 19 July 2021, route information in this article is likely to be outdated.

The C bus is a very convenient service for UTown residents – it connects UTown to Science, relieving demand on D2, and also connects UTown to Engineering, providing an alternative for students who are heading to EA, E1A or E3A.

However, there is a catch: To use this service, passengers at UTown need to read the destination signage carefully. Since the bus stops at the same bus stop for UTown in both directions, passengers must take care to board the right bus by looking at the electronic destination sign (EDS). If not, they may end up going in the wrong direction!

Please note that Kent Ridge Bus Terminal is not the same place as Kent Ridge MRT. C does not go to Kent Ridge MRT.

When the bus starts its trip at Kent Ridge Bus Terminal, it leaves with the sign showing “KR Terminal > UTown > FoS” like this.

This is the bus heading to Science (FoS stands for Faculty of Science).


After it leaves UTown and reaches UHC, the sign will change to read “FoS > UTown > KR Terminal”, as shown below. That will be the sign that it shows when it enters UTown for the second time on its way back to the terminal.

This is the bus is heading towards Engineering, on its way to Kent Ridge Bus Terminal.


In short, always take note of the direction of the arrows as well as the last word in the destination area. That will indicate the direction that the bus is heading, so you do not waste your time by going one round.

For more on Service C, check out its history here.

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