There are two key transport nodes in NUS with confusingly similar names: Kent Ridge MRT and Kent Ridge Terminal.

Kent Ridge MRT is, of course, the MRT train station that everyone is familiar with. Also known as CC24, this station is a major entry/exit point for the campus. It is along the Circle Line, and opened in October 2011.

Below is a photo of the station concourse, from user zhenkang on Wikipedia:

Kent Ridge MRT station is located in the northeast corner of the campus, near National University Hospital. The ISBs that ply the MRT station are A1 (anti-clockwise), A2 (clockwise), D2 (loops to UTown and back), BTC (to UTown and Kent Vale) and K (to CLB, Kent Vale and back).

The two ISB stops, “Kent Ridge MRT” (A1/D2/BTC/K) and “Opp Kent Ridge MRT” (A2/D2/K) refer to the bus stops numbered 3 and 4 respectively, both from Exit A. Specifically, Opp Kent Ridge MRT is located one underpass away from the station.

Kent Ridge Terminal, on the other hand, is a totally different place. It is a small bus terminal, along Clementi Road, and opened in August 1981. Public bus routes 10, 33, 95, 151, 200 and 201 originate at the terminal.

Kent Ridge Terminal, or KR Terminal, is located in the southwest corner of NUS, right behind Ventus and Eusoff Hall. ISB A1 and A2 start and end at the terminal.

The reason why we refer to this place as a terminal and not an interchange is that it is not designed for large-scale passenger transfers and waiting. Notice that it only has one bus stop, for boarding and alighting, and does not have separate queues for different services.

Unlike typical bus interchanges and MRT stations that share the same place name, the two places are not even walkable from each other. The only direct connection between them is public bus 95 or ISB A1/A2, a distance of about 7 stops. So passengers need to be very careful when boarding an ISB headed to “Kent Ridge” or “KR”.

Thankfully, our ISB signage will always clearly state “KR MRT” or “KR Terminal”. And if you end up stuck at Kent Ridge Bus Terminal when you didn’t mean to go there, don’t worry! Just take A1 or A2 out of the terminal, or walk up the sheltered walkway to Ventus. Refer to the shuttle bus map for more details!

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