Advertising on ISBs comes under the purview of the various university offices. UCO is involved in clearing the content, while OCA deals with the specifics such as deployment and installation. Various other offices and NUS organisations work together to propose and design advertisements, which are then wrapped onto buses.

Five of our ISBs bear advertisements for the NUS Admissions Campaign from our Office of Admissions. It highlights our illustrious students and graduates with the #NUSBeyond hashtag on a white background.

As far as I know, these five “white buses” have been earmarked for this campaign since 2016, experiencing regular updates to the advert wraps. Typically, rewrapping is done around Open Day each year.

In 2016, the wraps featured “#NUSBEYOND” in white-on-blue text, a white slogan with one keyword in orange, and a description of the alumnus on the bus body. In 2017, this was revised with the description being shifted to the window, #NUSBEYOND in orange on the window as well, and the faculty of the alumnus identified in large letters.

In 2018, the format had the slogan on an orange rectangle, while the description of the alumnus went onto a blue rectangle.

Whether these buses will get new wraps for 2019 remains to be seen. In late February 2019, the advertisement wraps were updated to feature the latest round of NUS students and graduates highlighted by OAM. The 2019 design features a large orange area, extending from top to bottom, to contain all the text.


2018 advertisement: Bringing Music to the People, featuring Gabriel Lee, a violinist from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

2019 advertisement: Decoding Genes to Fight Cancer, featuring Dr Li Jingmei, an A*STAR Scientist from Science and USP.


2018 advertisement: Acquiring an Invested Future, featuring Ahamed Marzouq, a Business Analyst at BlackRock from School of Business.

2019 advertisement: Reaching New Heights, featuring Ooi Yong Ann, a network planning analyst at SIA from FASS.


2018 advertisement: 94 Sketches and a Stroke of Genius, featuring Hor Sue Xian, John Teo, Jacelyn Lau and Jolyn Kang, co-founders of Aubergine Pillow from SDE.

2019 advertisement: Connecting People, Creating Communities, featuring Poornima Venkataraman, a Facebook data specialist from SoC.

In January 2020, a section of the nearside advertisement wrap appeared to have fallen off, exposing the orange livery and NUS logo beneath. Fortunately, the slogan, face and bio of Ms Poornima remain intact.


2018 advertisement: Resolving Global Disputes Locally, featuring Koh Swee Yen, a partner at WongPartnership, from Law.

2019 advertisement: Forging A Better Society, featuring Danial Hakim, an Assistant Manager at Ministry of Manpower, from Law.


2018 advertisement: A Storyteller of Our Past, featuring Suhaili Osman, a Malay Heritage Centre curator from FASS.

2019 advertisement: Engineering a Smart Nation, featuring Lau Lee Hong, an Embedded Software Engineer at GovTech from Engineering.

Find out more

These five buses merely highlight a few of our illustrious students. To find out more about other graduates and undergraduates, you may check out the #NUSBeyond hashtag or this website.

Obligatory plug: apply to NUS here. If you’re coming to Open Day 2019, you may check out my guide to bus services on that day.

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